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'To win you must do today what others will be doing tomorrow'
The adidas tripp academy provides an environment of excellence wherein everything from the fundamentals to success is taught, stressed and managed.

Programmes┬árun┬áSunday through to Friday and provides specialized and expert training in four general areas – Badminton Training, Fitness Training, mental preparation and Games Conditioning.

Badminton Training includes both technical and tactical elements essential to the game. The individual skills vital to success in badminton are stressed in a competitive environment. Fitness Training is very important as Badminton is an extremely demanding sport. Physical training takes place on and off court. Sport is now a very mental game so players must train their minds as well. Mental strength is the biggest advantage you could have over your opponent. So training the mind is essential.

Conditioned games are used to stress certain aspects which need to be worked upon in training. The adidas tripp badminton academy program is designed to help players perform and execute high level technique while demonstrating a keen insight into the sport of badminton.

“Here at the adidas tripp academy we are proud of our mission ‘Badminton Elite’ ”. In pursuing that goal we treat every player as an equal and do not discriminate on grounds of Gender, Race or Ability. Each player is encouraged to develop to the best of their ability within this structure of equality. To this end the Academy does not differentiate between players by offering Scolarships, Bursaries or Sponsorship regardless of skill level, background or length of membership of the Academy.”